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Candle Care

Candles need TLC too right? But yes of course!! There are a lot more care and attention you should be putting into your candles instead of just lighting them and walking away. In order to ensure you get the best quality burn from them and to ensure they last as long as possible there are a few things, you should definitely take a look at!

Did you know? That you can extend the life and condition of your candle by how you take care of it after each burn? Do you buy a house or plant a garden without tending to it and taking care of it? The same goes for candles. It needs care to thrive!

Here are a few simple tips to guide you in caring for your candles:

Storage: Avoid sunlight and hot temperatures.

~ This can cause your candle wax to melt when it’s not supposed to and cause damage to the scent and structure of the wax. Wipe away any condensation before lighting.

~ Covering your candle with a heat resistant top can prevent dust and debris from entering your candle which can cause defects and performance of your candle scent.

Burn time: No longer than 4 hours at a time.

~ Burning a candle too long can cause the wick to shift or slant.

~ If the wick slants it could come to close to vessel causing the outside of the candle vessel to become too hot and shatter!

Trim: Every 3 hours of burning, keep wax clear of debris.

~ Always trim your wick after each use. Long wicks can cause high flames, smoking or sooting. This can ruin your candle vessel and/or cause breakage.

Extinguish: Do not blow out the candle. Cover with a non-flammable lid or use a candle snuffer to prevent excessive smoke and to prevent the wick from getting stuck in the wax.

Jar breakage: Discontinue use when your candle reaches 1/2 inch from the bottom to prevent the glass from breaking.

Here is a link to a candle accessory kit that you may find helpful with the tools discussed in the article.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding candle care! Thank you and enjoy your candles!!!

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2020년 12월 05일

Great info on candle care and for sharing the link to the candle accessory kit. There was only 2 left when I placed my order so they are in high demand! Thank you...

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