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Mango Butter is Life!

Many say that Mango butter is closely related to Shea butter and Cocoa butter. The benefits are very similar and they are all extracted from some type of nut. They are nut butters. Mango butter is also edible as some may not realize. So it has benefits for your skin and hair as well as internally.

What is it?

It comes from a Mango seed and the oil is extracted using a cold-pressed method. Unrefined Mango butter is the best type because it is left in its natural state and no further chemicals or additives are added to it.

Beauty Benefits?

Loaded with Vitamin C!!!!! What else do you need from a beauty product??? Vitamin C also aids in generating collagen. It has a high linoleic and oleic acid content which for your skin means plumper look. It helps prevent acne and is a great source for lip balm!

For the Skin

Aside from that it heals your dry skin, soothes your skin from:

*Poison Ivy

*Sunburn & Frostbite




It helps to soothe the pain away caused by these harsh weather conditions!

A great alternative to other nut butter that may cause allergies!!

Its anti-inflammatory benefits are among the most notable. Inflammation is our body's natural response to irritation, infection, and injury. Anti-inflammatory medications and natural remedies are created to help cure the long term effects of inflammation inside and outside of the body. Anti-inflammatory properties that are in Mango butter aid to reduce swelling, redness, and pain on your skin.

Mango butter is also known to be great for stretch marks!

You may also see Mango butter used in a variety of cleansing products such as bar soaps and body washes. This is because of its superb hydrating and moisturizing properties.

For the Hair

In addition to skin benefits, Mango butter is also great for moisturizing your hair. For those who tend to have oily hair, it may help to absorb those extra substances. For those with especially dry hair, the absorption allows for better hydration into the scalp without the greasy feeling.

The light and non-greasy butter is highly moisturizing and soft which makes it easy to absorb into the hair. It’s subtle aroma also makes it easier to mix with other butters and oils to create the ultimate magical hair cream!

Inner U Beauty will be having this product available soon!

Overall, Mango butter is a great addition to your skincare and hair care regimen. Inner U Beauty is proud to offer Mango butter as part of our Body butter line and soon to be hair care line!

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