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Reflection Sundays

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Sunday is usually the day of rest. That is how I was raised. Don't do laundry, don't clean the house, or do chores. Just devote the day to prayer, being thankful, and being with family. Sunday Dinner!! Those were the best days.

In today's world, I find that concept to be much harder than it was before. But that is okay because even if I don't necessarily "rest" the entire day I always devote some of my time to reflect and think about my goals, my dreams, my family, and the upcoming week. I also make sure to pray and reflect upon myself. What can I do better? How can I have more of an open mind? And be more patient? And happy?

So this Sunday I am reflecting on relationships. That has been a huge topic for me, especially during the pandemic. Being a military spouse and moving from place to place, coming in contact with lots of different types of people, I find it has become increasingly difficult to keep that connection going. I am naturally a quiet, introverted person, to begin with, so this task is not easy for me. I want to be more engaged and connected with every facet of my family and friends' lives. Showing empathy and truly listening and caring about what they are going through or what they need to vent about is important to me. No matter what I am going through, I want to always be that pillar for my loved ones! Actions truly speak louder than words!

For me, the solution to that is taking the first step. Making the initial initiation to someone, whether it is sending a quick text or making a phone call to say, "Hey what's going on." Those little gestures can make the most difference in someone else's life. A relationship with a significate other or spouse can be a little more challenging I feel. Especially when you are home all the time with that someone due to a job loss, decrease in on-site working, or working from home with children. I find that people in these situations are still very much separate. They are in their own rooms, with their own phones, tv's or computers, and doing their own thing. There is a disconnect. But where is the increased connection with each other? We are home all day, so that means we have more time for each other, right?? This is the true pandemic!! Loss of connection...loss of desire...loss of happiness. Feeling trapped and angry because we are in this position. Feeling annoyed with each other. People naturally need space, I get that, but what can we do NOW to make our situation better? What can we do love better? Care more? Be more affectionate? And be more attentive to others needs. These are the questions I am asking myself this Sunday..whether I have an answer or not right away it really gets me thinking about the things that I value the most in life. If I had no worldly possessions in my life at this moment, what are some of the things I would wish that I had? Those are the things I do not want to ever take advantage of. Those are the things that I want to focus on more and cherish, reach out to, send a message to, and love until I cannot love any longer.

I strive to not take advantage of the little things in life. It may sound cliche but it is a true fact!! The little things are what hold us together as humans. Without them, we are not whole!

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