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Reflection Sundays

Today's Topic: "Practice What You Preach"

This saying is easier said than done by most. I find myself frequently talking to family and friends, coaching them through difficult situations, or giving advice. I enjoy doing it very much. I love helping others and being there for the ones that mean the most to me. Mother Hen, Old Soul that's me! But in all honesty, I think about what I am saying to them and think about how that same advice could be applied in my own life situations. I believe that it is easier to say or tell someone else to do something than it is to apply it to yourself. That is the true challenge!

You tell someone, "keep your head up," "be positive," "don't be down on yourself," "let them be, they will come around," "don't force it if it's not meant to be," All said to be great advice in the right context but what about you??? You cant support someone else if you are not first supporting yourself. You cannot help a person in a race after they have fallen down if you are already on the ground yourself. In my own life, my goal is to practice what I preach. If I cannot do it myself then why am I giving that advice to someone else? Practicing positivity and patience are at the top of my list lately. COVID19 has taught us a lot this year, that is an understatement. Emotions are higher than normal, in a world of unpredictability I have learned to have more faith and look within. What can I do differently? How can I react differently to a tough situation? What is my self worth? Sometimes the advice to myself is not necessarily what I want to hear or how I want to react but the ultimate response is self-control.

I know it's not New Years' yet and around this time we start thinking about New Year's resolutions but in retrospect, we do that all year long. We are constantly thinking about how we can do better and be better individuals. I feel as if I have been living every day of 2020 in this cloud of thought and self-reflection. Doing more of practicing what I preach, projecting more positivity, love, and care into the universe with hopes to better myself and create more peace and harmony in my mind, body, and soul. Creating an invisible bubble around myself that no matter what negativity, change, or bad situation comes my way-- I will continue to rise, and continue to float above it all!

What are some things that you can - "Practice What You Preach?"

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1 Comment

Dec 13, 2020

For me it would be letting go of things I can’t control. 🙏🏾

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