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Reflection Sundays

Today Topic: "Holiday Traditions"

This Sunday comes with a different feel. Still very centered around what is important to me in my life but new beginnings are on the horizon! The new year is upon us and in these last days of 2020 we can reflect upon so many things, I bet!

But I want to focus on the good and positive things today. Recounting all the good times, good days, and good people that have come into my life. Being at home during the holidays is such a refreshing feeling. Christmas music, the cheesy holiday movies, family time, snuggling by a fire. My most favorite memory as a kid and even as an adult is baking holiday cookies. This is my most favorite event of the holidays. My secret hobby of baking!

I love making all types of cookies (sugar, oatmeal, chocolate chip, peanut butter). Once all baked I would separate them evenly, wrap them up, and place them in decorative tins for each family member, friend, and neighbor. It was my way to show appreciation, love, and holiday cheer!! A family tradition that we have continued to carry on for many years. Holiday traditions are special to have because they provide hope and satisfaction! In a world of 2020 uncertainty and sadness, this holiday tradition for me means a lot more than what's on the surface. I greatly appreciate the time spent this year with family and friends. Tomorrow is not promised, the love we share is not promised, the memories we make are not promised...Make those new traditions, continue your traditions, be happy and joyous that you have this very moment in time.

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