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Reoccurring Dreams

Are there any dream interpreters out there?? I am a firm believer that dreams have meaning. They come to us in our un-subconscious state of mind but there has to be a reason why those thoughts and images came to us at that particular time in that particular moment. It's like the saying when people are drunk the truth comes out. They may not know or realize what they are saying at that moment because they are drunk but they are saying it because it is something that they truly have been feeling or thinking about.

Most of my dreams lately have been about the people that I have lost along the way.

I always try and reflect on the dream. Who was in it? What did they say to me? What did they do? I reflect on the things that have been happening in my life lately and trying to correlate the two together. Maybe they are trying to tell me something or give me advice. Sometimes the answer is clear and other times it is not. Sometimes it just feels good to have their present close to me and to know they are always with me no matter what.


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