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How to Store Inner U Beauty Scrubs

Inner U Beauty scrubs are 100% Organic. They contain only the best essential oils to provide you an invigorating scent. Because of the organic properties, there is a certain way they must be stored in order to preserve them to their fullest ability.

Organic sugar, Organic Brown sugar, Dead Sea Salt, and Mediterranean sea salt, can last for months to years when they are in their dry form. Although, once we start adding the wet ingredients the shelf life decreases. Mold and bacteria love warmth, darkness and wet areas. Most of the products you are already using on the market contain these preservatives because they are made, packaged, shipped and then sit on shelves all over the world. Those preservatives are an essential part of their products. They essentially help to prevent the growth of bacteria and mold. If you do a quick search on the internet you can also find that parabens, formaldehyde-releasing preservatives, and Isothiazolinones are commonly used preservatives in cosmetic and personal care products and are banned in several countries. They can cause allergic reactions, reproductive issues, cancer and more!!

But besides preserving products they can be very harmful to your skin and body! We can go on forever listing all the parabens, Formaldehyde-releasing preservatives, and Isothiazolinones that are found in products...We must be educated, read labels, and know what exactly we are putting on our bodies and carrying in our homes near our children and pets.

Good thing for you, Inner U Beauty has done some of the work for you. We have created products that do not have any of those harsh chemicals and preservatives!!! WOW! We pride ourselves in being a small business that is able to source and research every distributor that we use, handcraft all of our products, and use the products ourselves to prove its reliability and safety.

  1. Keep the lids tightly secured at all times.

  2. Body Scrubs and Face Scrubs should be kept in a dry area.

If you are storing your scrubs in the shower then they will be constantly exposed to water, steam, and wet hands reaching in and out of the container.

This will add water to the scrub causing it to deteriorate and create a place for mold and bacteria to grow. The scrub will also become very watery and useless.

  1. Keep them from being in direct sunlight.

Humidity can cause the sugar in your scrub to clump up then harden. There is an easy fix to this. If you have any oil lying around, such as Coconut or Vitamin E you can simply add a teaspoon to your scrub and mix it up. It will add softness back to your scrub for easy application.

  1. Keep them Maintained

Over time from sitting, gravity will set in. The oils and the sugars may begin to separate. This is a natural thing that occurs. Just simply take a spoon and stir it back up. It will be ready to use again in seconds!!

***Following these key tips will keep your scrubs lasting through their full potential - our Scrubs can last for up to 2 months!

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