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A Powerful Force

Today I wake up feeling powerful inside and out. I will be restored. I am a powerful force! Powerful in knowing that the impossible obstacles will be removed.

An excerpt from my journal 4/4/2023:

I love myself, I value myself and truly feel I am worth the fight. I am worth taking the time to understand my strengths and weaknesses and learning to work with them and not against them. I am not an average individual. My thoughts are powerful, my goals are powerful, my dreams are powerful!! -- off the beaten path. Some call it a black sheep but in my eyes it's an opportunity to have an open mind...

I refuse to be limited by societal norms, interpretations of how things "should be" or "should look." Silencing the noice around me and finding the power within myself to keep pushing forward and seeking others who want to travel this unconventional journey with me.

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