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What is Shea Butter?

As mentioned in many of my other posts about Shea butter & Mango butter you can see the true benefits of body butter and their use on the skin.

The popularity of natural products has increased dramatically over the years. The use of shea butter, mango butter, and cocoa butter for body care and hair products have grown largely. The natural oils that come from our earth, free of chemicals and harsh additives are becoming a thing of the future. The fewer additives the better, in my book!!!

Body Butters vs. Lotions

I feel this is always the question when trying to decide which one is for better or for worse. The lotions are great! Body Butters are great! Don't we wish the answer could be that simple??? In my experience, the wide range of lotions on the market have a lot of added ingredients, alcohol, and fragrances. All of those things diminish the effectiveness of the actual product. They smell great but 30 minutes later I have to reapply it! They don't absorb properly and deep into the dermis layers of the skin. And because certain lotions don't have this capability, I am left with dry, cracked, and chapped skin with no more lotion in the bottle! It's a waste of my money and time, not to mention the long term damaging effects on my skin!!!

Body butter on the other hand can supply a deeper level of moisture and hydration for your skin. It provides longer-lasting effects on your skin. You also have the ability to add other great oils to the mix such as Coconut oil, Sweet Almond oil, and Jojoba oil to even more benefits!!! Not to mention you can add essential oils (also natural) to add a beautiful scent to your body butter. So yes, there are additives but all-natural options rather than the genetically modified ones!

You can visit our other articles on What is Shea Butter and Mango Butter is Life! To see the specific benefits for each butter.

Inner U Beauty Whipped Body Butters

  • We use 100% Unrefined, Cold-Pressed organic Shea butter.

  • We use 100% Organic Mango Butter - cold-pressed.

  • Fatty acids from the butter help increase the collagen in your skin.

  • Organic carrier oils are used to create a creamy feel to the shea butter and mango butter to add extra healing and soothing properties. Carrier Oils (Sweet Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, Grapeseed Oil, etc.)

  • Pure essential oils are added for sensual scent and other healing properties.

  • Provides moisture that lasts for hours without having to reapply between showers.

Our body butter offers the best moisturizing during winter or colder months due to the fact that our skin suffers the most during these times of the year.

Our Current Body Butters:

Deep Healing - Made with Mango Butter

Deep Peace - Made with Shea Butter

Orange Dream - Made with Shea Butter

Masculine & Smooth - Made with Mango Butter

Unscented - no added essential oils

We love making body butter and use it on ourselves as well!! It is a great product and is our go-to “lotion” at any time of year!

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